Original ideas to turn up your coffee shop

Are all coffee shops the same? Not always.

A place of passage or a gathering point – what really makes the difference and makes it stand out from the rest is the offer, the original ideas that can be implemented to win new and existing customers and build their loyalty.

Not Only Coffee

A successful coffee shop attracts customers for many different reasons. Here a list of some of them:

  • some clients might choose it because they like to be served by their favourite barista
  • some because it is close to home or office
  • others because they have always met their long-time friends there

If you are looking for winning strategies to win new customers and increase your business, abandon the idea of marketing techniques decided on a theoretical level by business and sales experts and place your trust on creativity.

First of all, to animate the coffee shop you could extend the opening time, perhaps during the weekend, proposing events and some live music starting in the early evening during the aperitivo time. Especially in the warm season, many people like to stay out late at night and enjoy the atmosphere of summer evenings, sipping a beer or a drink in good company, even better if there is good music. Those who have a spacious coffee shop with rooms that can hold a certain number of people can even set up a small exhibition displaying the works of art of emerging artists. Who knows, the vernissage at your coffee shop may contribute to the discovery of a new talent and, at the same time, offer your customers an original experience. Part of your coffee shop could be permanently dedicated to exhibitions, covering its walls with a photography exhibition – this choice satisfies both the eye and the palate of your customers and effortlessly personalizes and decorates the interiors.

Caffè Vergnano
Academy education

Dedicated to professionals in search of excellence. To those who want to make every espresso a true masterpiece. Our courses are also open to those who simply love coffee in all its nuances and want to learn every aspect of it.

Original ideas to turn up your coffee shop

Literary Café

If your ideal café is Caffè Greco in via dei Condotti in Rome, and you wish to have a literary café where intellectuals and culture lovers meet, then all you have to do is arrange literature and poetry readings, book presentations and, if possible, also interviews and thematic meetings with the authors. Finally, for those who run a coffee shop in the old town or in areas where foreigners live or pass by, an interesting idea could be that of hosting language exchange events. Sitting in total relaxation at a table sipping an excellent cappuccino or an alcoholic drink makes learning a foreign language completely different. The opportunity to learn is favoured by a welcoming atmosphere, conversation becomes fluent and young customers can practice effortlessly for the price of a drink. Your coffee shop can become a hub for language exchange, far more inviting than any classroom!

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