4 Successful Strategies to Increase the Proceeds of Your Coffee Shop

strategies recettes 1
strategies recettes 1
Coffee shops has always been considered the meeting point for people of all ages and they are immune to economic crisis as long as you have the right commercial approach.

Here are 4 successful strategies to increase your proceeds:

  • Pay attention to detail
  • Aim at a specific target customer
  • Be original
  • Use promotional means offered by the web
If you want to increase the proceeds of your coffee shop significantly, no detail can be left to chance, starting from furnishings and presentation of the products displayed inside. Make sure that everything is clean and tidy on the counter and on the tables where food and drinks are served, so that customers immediately feel they are in a safe and welcoming place and want to come back again with friends or on their own. Even the colour chosen for the interior walls and the shop window display are important details in the sales strategies of a coffee shop since they reflect the style of the locale. [shortcode-banner-accademia-en] Equally important is defining your target customer. Depending on the type of customer you wish to attract, you can vary the services offered and the features of the coffee shop. If you are targeting lovers of craft beer, for instance, you should offer a wide selection of this particular product, while if you are targeting music lovers, you should offer live music on a regular basis. If you want to make proceeds increase exponentially, beat competitors and become immediately recognisable in the area, you should also aim at the originality of the products and services you offer. In other words, you should offer customers something they can’t find elsewhere. It could be a sandwich with a secret ingredient or a special selection of aperitivo drinks inspired to the Italian or international wine and food tradition. Creativity, in this case, is the decisive factor between a trendy and a run-of-the-mill coffee shop. The endless resources available online have created an unbreakable bond between online promotional strategies and increased proceeds. To fill your coffee shop with enthusiastic and satisfied customers, word of mouth is no longer enough. Or to be more precise, word of mouth still works but it has also moved to the Web and social networks. For this reason, a successful strategy is to create a website that acts as a virtual shop window of your coffee shop, focusing on content and graphics to offer customers an enjoyable experience and make them explore your website. A blog or Facebook page where you can post important events and initiatives organised by your coffee shop, could definitely be a trump card for promotional purposes. [shortcode-banner-didattica-en]