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The Women in Coffee project supports sustainability initiatives for women, promoting inclusion, respect, and diversity. Among the women contributing to this project is the popular illustrator Pennika: her ironic, contemporary design perfectly captures the spirit of Women in Coffee. New items illustrated by Pennika join the Pink Collection: together with the project-dedicated coffee blend, pink collection items sold online and in Women in Coffee cafés contribute to the project proceeds.


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Pennika's WIC blend cans


From our iconic pink espresso cups to Trè espresso machines, any Pink Collection item sold supports Women in Coffee fundraising. The last addition to the collection is the coffee tins illustrated by Pennika with an ironic, contemporary design that perfectly captures the spirit of Women in Coffee. From the two lands that inspired our Women in Coffee project comes this limited-edition coffee: Santo Domingo’s malty and fruity notes combined with Honduran Marcala chocolaty nuances are complemented by the finest South American and African Arabica, and a touch of Asian Robusta. This blend is good for the palate and the soul.

And soon, some other items by Pennika will join the Pink Collection.

Pennika illustrates the tales of women and how they face everyday struggles with irony and the right amount of caffeine. The color pink is a common theme throughout, a lighthearted added value we hope to carry while creating a more equitable society.