Our choices,
from four generations

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Quality is something we create, nurture and promote.

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The quest for perfection.

Caffè Vergnano has been striving for the highest production quality for four generations. It’s a mission that evolves and never ends, like our desire for coffee.

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From our meticulous selection of coffee producers, to the journey raw materials take to our home. Every production process decision is made as the result of unrivalled experience and dedication. Protecting the richness contained in every single coffee bean.

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The art of slowness

We believe passionately in the power of the secrets we inherit from the past, following an age-old process that preserves the quality of our precious raw materials. The slow roasting method

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This process achieves the perfect roast, taking into account the uniqueness, shape and size of each coffee bean. This slowness makes the roasting process even and balanced. And because we follow every step meticulously, and slowly, the aroma of our coffee will always be perfect.

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Once packaged, our coffee leaves Turin to conquer the world. With unique intensity and unparalleled flavour, our personality reaches out to the hearts of coffee connoisseurs across the planet. Individuals who recognise the history, passion and attention to detail in every Caffè Vergnano espresso.

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Every espresso is a journey.

From plantation to coffee cup, the journey is everything. Our journey made up of people, places, elements and, above all, choices that make a difference. For us, this is what our work is all about. Doing our utmost to get the best from what nature provides. Every gesture has meaning. Everything has a purpose – promoting fine coffee culture around the world.