Coffee is woman


From the cup to respect.

25% of coffee farms are run by women, and 70% of the plantation workforce is female. Coffee is woman

mani donna coffee farm

Women are the custodians of a commitment and a culture that must be defended, nurtured, and cultivated. Despite this, there is still a considerable gender gap in access to education, credit, and trade. We believe this must change. And the first step comes from awareness.

By having a dream, everything can change.

Every year, we select a new project to support, alongside IWCA – International Women's Coffee Alliance, a non-profit organisation – to assist and champion women coffee producers.

international womens coffee

Every project is like starting a new chapter in a story about a culture that few people know. A tale of shared values, empowerment, inclusion, sustainability and of course, coffee. All of these experiences, all of these people, are now part of us.

racconto di valori
il caffe e donna 4

For us, this is not just a dream.

This is about believing in the value of making a difference, to individuals and their place in the world. It is about thinking that every person deserves to have the same opportunities and that commitment should be recognised and valued.

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