An Experience in Every Cup

Foto Oltre il bar

A place, a feeling, an unmistakable detail.

We love every aspect of coffee. Every nuance deserves to be savoured and explored.

The power of rituals.

Actions have the power to awaken emotions, to comfort, to make us feel special. Anyone who makes espresso will understand this. Everything must be done properly. It’s an ancient and precious ritual that lives on through time, people and places.

il potere dei rituali

Perfect places that feel like home.

The Caffè Vergnano 1882 project was set up to recreate the unique atmosphere and style of an Italian bar, anywhere in the world. Because, although an espresso is selected and tasted it is, above all, experienced. Whether in New York or Dubai, sitting down with an espresso should feel like home. Warm and familiar atmospheres, sophisticated details, trained professionals. Every coffee in the company of Caffè Vergnano 1882 encapsulates rare and special emotions, a glance between strangers, a journey remembered and feelings rediscovered

And our story is constantly moving forward. With the creativity that has always distinguished Caffè Vergnano 1882, we are dedicated to overcoming any obstacle in order to reach those who demand intense, authentic experience. So, we have now journeyed beyond bars and cafes and to the streets, meeting new people, reaching new devotee

We reveal ourselves in our detail, in Italian design, in our love of beauty and truth. Because, to us, every substance has an ideal form. For every experience, there is a correct medium. We believe there are no limits to the imagination, to the possibilities of bringing tradition lovingly into the present. Merging past and future into experiences that express the very best of ourselves.


Creativity has no limits.

So, with passion in our hearts and minds we move onwards. Ready to take up today's challenges, to reinvent ourselves, to continue to defend and promote our great love for what we do. And we are so happy to have you with us to share this wonderful endeavour.