The first Vergnano Coffee Shop on three wheels is now here

The first Caffè Vergnano 1882 coffee shop on three wheels is now here. VS Veicoli Speciali has fitted out an Ape Car, the iconic Italian three-wheeler, as a coffee shop. Inside there is a real coffee area completely branded Caffè Vergnano – from the coffee machine with grinder, to the café counter with display case and the refrigerator to keep ingredients fresh for the various preparations. Embracing the latest street food trend, the Caffè Vergnano Ape Car is ideal for use in city squares, during events and just anywhere you desire. Its design entirely made in Italy enables the real Italian espresso to be exported all over the world.

For further information please call +39 (0)11 9455111 (Caffè Vergnano), +39 (0)1 9974076 (VS Veicoli Speciali) or send an e-mail to or or visit our web sites and