A great event was organized in the Netherlands to present a new product line for the retail export segment: the City Line. This new range includes three references that bear the names of three Italian cities known throughout the world as a symbol of the beauty of our country: Cortina, Portofino and Amalfi. To celebrate the launch of this new line in the Dutch retail chain Albert Heijn, we organized a coffee experience on our Caffè Vergnano branded Apecar, accompained by a Dolce Vita-style picnic in BrandM headquarters.

Dutch bloggers, journalists and influencers savored espresso and cappuccinos prepared by our Accademia Vergnano trainer Damian Burgess.

The guests had the opportunity to enjoy an ad hoc coffee experience organized by the trainer the traditional Bicerin, a typical Piedmontese and non-alcoholic drink made with coffee, chocolate and hot milk. and the fresh Shakerato, a fresh summer drink based on coffee, liquid sugar and ice.

At the end of the coffee experience the picnic started: wooden tables covered with white linen tablecloths, soft curtains, goblets and delicate bouquets created a magical atmosphere .
The menu based on traditional Piedmontese dishes has conquered all palates: Russian salad, veal with tuna sauce, plin with butter and sage and hazelnut cake with zabaione cream, have brought fragments of a region far away.

A moment of presentation and conviviality between two distant countries but united by the passion of coffee.