portaspago 1200x480

by Briciole e Puntini

portaspago materiali



  • Vergnano tin
  • glass paper for fine-grained metals
  • drill
  • permanent marker
  • stringS
  • pencil


portaspago step1

For the realization of the string tin, you will need an empty Vergnano coffee tin of a color you like. On the front side, mark the position of the holes with the pencil: mark as many holes as the strings you want to insert into the tin. Then proceed to drill the holes using a drill, using a metal tip


portaspago step2

Decorate the front with an indelible marker with the word “string” (alternatively you can write it with the TEXT function of the online configurator).


portaspago step3

insert the string inside the tin, let the end of every string came out of the tin through the holes


portaspago step4

Close the lid and place the tin in your kitchen. No more strings in clutter in the drawers, but always easily accessible and close at hand.