cestino macrame fil di ferro risultato finale 1200x480

by Le bianche Margherite




  • 1 1 empty Vergnano coffee TIN
  • fine grained sandpaper for metal
  • 1 mm diameter iron wire
  • 0,5 mm diameter iron wire
  • transparent beads
  • pliers
  • nippers
  • two brushes
  • rust effect paint kit



Preparation of THE TINS: with the special metal sandpaper, work on the edge of the tins to remove the cutting effect. Mix the dark brown paint for the base and paint with the brush, let it dry for 4 hours between one coat and the other. Then proceed with the rust paint, tap the surface with an almost dry brush to imitate the rusty effect.



With the cutter cut 8 strands 1 m long from the 1 mm diameter iron coil, using the pliers to join them tightly together at the top by spiraling a segment of 1 mm long 10 cm wire. Divide the threads into pairs .



At about 45 cm from the top start to weave the threads together two by two, creating a sort of knit. Help yourself by inserting the jar in order to cage it. Gather and close the threads under the can by wrapping a further piece of 10 cm long wire, with the same procedure as in the photo 3. With the thin thread create a decorative effect by wrapping some transparent bead at the closing point on the top and on the bottom.



Create a decorative corner by hanging the baskets with a jar inside with a drooping plant