DIY The aromatic garden

by Fico e Uva



  • 4 empty Vergnano TINS pastel-colored (yellow-rose- green and light blue)
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Earth
  • Fine grain glass paper for metals
  • Labels
  • 4 small clips
  • Wooden skewer splints
  • Black and green marker pen
  • 4 aromatic plants (mint-basil-stitched and rosemary)


For the realization of the aromatic garden use 4 empty Vergnano TINS pastel coloured (yellow-rose- green and blue)

With the metal glass paper, you can work the edge to remove sharp effects.

Turn the TIN upside down, BY using a nail and a hammer make 5 holes to allow the water to come out of the jar once you plant your aromatic plant.


On the cardboard labels, write the name of the chosen aromatic plant with a black fine-point marker pen and draw a small detail of the leaf that you will colour with the green marker pen.

In our example mint, basil, thyme and rosemary

Use small clips to attach your label to the skewer stick


Pour the seedlings into the coffee TIN , fill with soil and press well



Finish the 4 seedlings with the specific label for EACH seed and POUR water before they are on your balcony or sill.