Women in Coffee: the Library in Honduras comes to life

“The Family Rural Library”, a library for the inhabitants of Marcala, in Honduras, came to life in a concrete way. Started in 2020, the project supported by Women in Coffee is taking shape and today we are able to share the first photos of the place.

A place that allows women to meet and express their full potential, children to study, learn and have fun and where families can all meet and the members of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance come together.

A space for sharing ideas and projects; of dreams that, with the support of Caffè Vergnano and the local communities, will soon turn into positive and inspiring realities for everyone.

Women in Coffee is Caffè Vergnano’s social sustainability project – in 2018 in collaboration with the International Women in Coffee Alliance, to support small businesses of women coffee farmers.
From this starting point, the concept that guides Women in Coffee has expanded to become a container that welcomes and contains projects of social sustainability for women, on a global scale.

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