Which characteristics must have a successful bar?

In an highly competitive business segment, which has suffered more than others in recent months, it is fundamental to successfully revise the coffee experience in your premise.
Atmosphere, details, service, quality, extended opening hours and a wide coffee offer to be adapted to the various moments of the day – from breakfast to aperitif – are the fundamental ingredients.


The definition of a successful bar goes primarily through the construction of a clear identity, which remains etched in the mind of customers and knows how to interpret new trends and market demands.
The ability to become immediately recognizable allows to guide the customer’s choice and his loyalty: it is therefore good to decide on what to specialize, always keeping in mind the context in which you operate, and do it well. It is not difficult to imagine, for example, that many bars will marry, by choice but also for legislative needs, green and sustainability-oriented practices, offering short-chain ingredients, natural furnishings, setting up separate collection areas and involving their own in this virtuous circle interlocutors. Other places will probably have a healthy approach, specialize in a specific moment of consumption (e.g. breakfast), or ride the wave of niche proposals such as specialty coffees or mixology, or, again, focus on the creative activities side.
But be careful: specialization does not mean rigidity, on the contrary, adaptability and flexibility remain key values ​​and, to become the place for recreation and sharing that respects the contemporary rhythms of life, a place must be able to adapt the offer at various times of the day, from breakfast to evening cocktails, in terms of food but also entertainment and service.


It is now known that we are dealing with a clientele that in recent years has become more educated and demanding and who interprets the cafeteria in a different perspective. The bar is changing its face: it is no longer the simple place of “grab and go”, but a real reference point for a 360-degree involvement by the client. Sofas, relaxation areas, workstations, presence of wi-fi, the place becomes a venue where much more than products is offered. The experience (not only of consumption) that we will offer to our customers will remain strongly in the memory, and it will allow you to create real connection because it puts the consumer, his needs and tastes at the center. We must understand which points of strength we want to focus on and what type of audience we are targeting our offer to: nothing should be improvised or decided at the moment. Over time, this link between our offer and our target must be monitored and, if necessary, corrected, in order to never disregard customer expectations.


As said, we will frequently find ourselves in front of a consumer who expects to find answers to all his needs (menus designed for intolerances and others to safeguarding precise food choices – like vegans or vegetarians – are just some examples). The quality of the response and the diffusion of a food culture can only be implemented with the presence of qualified personnel: by investing in their preparation and professionalism, limiting turnover as much as possible, will be essential to provide customers with clear and precise information on what they consume , but also to stand out in front of such an undifferentiated offer.
In the specific case of espresso, knowledge today is very limited: the bartender is often unable to transfer the value of the raw material, the supply chain behind the product and his own work. Also due to this recent experience, the customer will seek and ask for a different offer, which must be intercepted and the bartender is the key in his process The customer must pay for what he receives, from the raw material to the service.
We must never forget that “being better than others” always rewards; and this can only be guaranteed by investing in preparation, study, creativity and enthusiasm. Specific training courses that allow to consolidate and increase knowledge also have the positive effect of motivating and gratifying the employee in the long term.


Offer, character, quality: everything must be included in a refined, welcoming and, needless to say, instagrammable environment. Because the technological aspect and sharing on social media can no longer be overlooked! Today’s data are clear: the management of the web and social networks is one of the key values on which the manager must invest, in order to remain in contact with his customers and continue the relationship even outside the premise. Pay attention to photos, but also to videos designed for Instagram Stories or Youtube. In conclusion, do not forget that on social customers release reviews which, if positive, can lead to an increase in followers and allow managers to inform to a wider audience about promotions or events.
Even in this case, however, the preparation should not be overlooked: each social or technological tool has its own rules that must be known and applied.

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