What type of coffee consumer are you?

Coffee is a simple word but it encapsulates a wide range of variants. There are different blends, preparations, serving styles, temperatures… and consumers! So, what type of coffee consumer are you?

Italy is the country of a thousand bell towers and a thousand cuisines. This is no mystery to anyone – each region, each town has its own food & beverage traditions and coffee is no exception to this rule. But does the way we like to drink our coffee reveal something about us and our personality? Let’s see together.

The ritual of coffee in Italy from North to South

Many are the differences in Italy between North and South and these are also reflected in the ritual of coffee. If you are a consumer from the South, you are used to dark roasted coffee containing a high percentage of Robusta with a full aroma and body and a bitter aftertaste. While, if you live in the North you are likely to prefer more delicate, sweet blends, mildly roasted and containing a high percentage of Arabica. But regardless of the blend and roast, what does coffee mean to you?

Why do you drink coffee?

Your idea of coffee largely depends on your motives for drinking it. Those who usually drink coffee in the morning, after lunch or during breaks between one engagement and another, absorbing its invigorating boost of energy will tend to associate coffee with work, the fast pace of life and daily stress. Conversely, those who give more importance to sharing and socialisation will be more likely to associate coffee to positive feelings and memories, to family, friends and even moments of relaxation – just think that some people like to drink a cup of coffee before going to bed to help them relax. There are also people who associate coffee with a sense of guilt because they think they drink too much of it and those who approach their favourite beverage with lush and can’t wait to try new blends and new combinations.

The Picky Consumer

Then there is the super picky coffee enthusiast who can test the patience of any barista – and this is a quintessentially Italian feature. Macchiato Caldo, Macchiato Freddo, Marocchino, Cappuccino Light or Dark, served in a large cup, a glass, foamed, with skim milk, soy milk, Long, Doppio, Ristretto, Iced, Shaken, Laced, Caffè Latte… to sum it up, with all these possible variations, those who ask for a simple coffee have become a minority.

The Social Consumer

In this short overview we must include a new type of consumer, born in recent years with the development and widespread use of social networks. Social consumers love to prepare a good cup of coffee even for the simple pleasure of posting its lovely photo, because no matter how good it is, coffee remains an extremely evocative treat for your body and soul.

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