Valentine’s Day Drink


A delicious drink, with creamy and sweet ice cream. It can be enjoyed after dinner and it is great for a special occasion like Valentine's Day, to cuddle yourself with the strong taste of coffee and the sweetness of ice cream!
It can also be enjoyed in its non-alcoholic version, avoiding amaretto and rum, but adding coconut milk in equal quantities!

Ingredients for the cocktail

valentine's day recipe

• 1 cup of Arabica Caffè Vergnano coffee
• 1/2 glass of rum
• 1 small glass of amaretto syrup (optional)
• 4 scoops of yogurt ice cream
• Crunchy toasted hazelnuts
• 10 ice cubes


In a shaker, pour the ice, rum, amaretto and coffee. Shake for a few minutes. Take an ice cream bowl, wet the edges and then dip them in the crunchy hazelnut grains, put 4 scoops of ice cream in the bowl and pour over the coffee and alcohol mix with the shaker, filtering the ice.
Add some chopped hazelnuts to the ice cream and a biscuit wafer and enjoy it with your loved ones!