Tramezzini, Sandwiches and Focaccia: Tasty Ideas for your Coffee Shop

People have hectic days, working in a fast-paced environment and the hourglass at lunch break has just a few grains of sand left – this is why more and more people have a quick lunch at the first café they find.

There’s a trick and you can almost see it… between two slices of bread

Fortunately, the days of second-rate fast food are over, when your dream of a quick, tasty and healthy meal sadly vanished after a few bites of a tasteless and barely cooked cheese toastie standing at the counter of the café below your office. Today finally, even fast food eaters can satisfy their taste buds. Coffee shops are not only delicatessens, offering hot dishes just out of the oven, they also offer a wide selection of tasty stuffed sandwiches, tramezzini, baguettes, focaccia and piadinas. The secret lies in the ingredients, first of all in genuine flours of the finest quality just like in the past: wholemeal loaves of spelt, barley, rye or oats, ready to be stuffed, or gluten free bakery products made from chickpea, kamut, corn or rice flour.
The filling is the cherry on the cake: unusual combinations of ingredients and refined tastes. And cold cuts? The traditional list of cured and roast meats, salamis, prosciutto crudo and prosciutto cotto, and smoked speck is now enriched with other specialities such as boar and dear or aromatic seasoned pâté. Seafood also plays an important role: smoked steaks, crudo seafood and delicious shellfish fill tramezzini sandwiches and canapés served at the buffets of coffee shops and bars.

Special tasty treats with mousse and sauces

To be masterfully combined, different ingredients need a mix that brings out their taste and enhances the recipe. The secret lies in choosing the right sauce or spreadable cream. There is one for all tastes: a pinch of exoticism in the fragrance of yoghurt with hints of oriental spices and powders, vegetable Tahini cream and mousse, delicious sesame cream, enriched with oilseeds or regional varieties of pesto. And, of course, sauces not only featuring the traditional Grana but also fresh and aged blue cheese and goat and sheep’s milk cheeses.

Vegans for Passion

For health enthusiasts and purists of organic sandwiches, <url=>vegan recipes and the freshest local products are a good alternative to a hot bowl of farmer’s soup or a mixed salad. This is the rich offer of the latest healthy gastronomy:

  • vegetable cold cuts
  • vegetable pâté to spread on bruschettas and canapés
  • delicious creams of vegetables and legumes, also enriched with tofu and seasoned with aromatic herbs.

All ingredients come from certified organic farming and are the fruit of the processing of the freshest seasonal produce.

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