How to Take a Training Course Dedicated to Coffee

Going back to school to learn the fragrant art of coffee... is this your plan? Whether you are a newbie or already work in the industry roasting coffee, selling coffee beans or as a café manager and want to get new tools of the trade and expand your wealth of knowledge and know-how, there are many training courses, including workshops and real courses focusing on the most popular beverage in the world.

A coffee course: why?

The barista’s job certainly needs to be learned and mastered through experience. There is no theory, however exhaustive it may be, that could replace long-standing experience behind the counter, made of inevitable slips and mistakes, but also of achievements and success. Those however who start from the very beginning because they want to work as baristas or open a new café will need, more than others, a solid foundation on which they can build their expertise. From the roasting of coffee beans to brewing and tasting, coffee experts will transfer their know-how on coffee serving, enriching your professional horizons and making sure you are always up to date on the latest trends and developments in the industry. A prime example is latte art, the art of cappuccino design that has recently become so popular not only in big cities and could be a competitive advantage to leverage in the competition with other cafés and coffee shops.

The Vergnano Academy

Are you ready to test your barista skills and take your expertise in espresso and coffee drinks to the next level? Discover the courses of the Vergnano Academy as well as their certified, reliable strategy to become a coffee pro in the shortest time possible! The lessons satisfy the requirements of the SCA Coffee Diploma System, the most comprehensive training standard focusing on coffee that is available on the market. The system consists of six modules:
  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Green Coffee
  • Sensory Skills
  • Roasting
  • Brewing
  • Barista Skills
Except for Green Coffee and Sensory Skills, you can book and sit the exam with us for all the specialties. Introduction to Coffee is suitable both for would-be professionals and for simple caffeine addicts, who wish to turn their passion into a genuine cult. Barista skills is designed for those who intend to compete with the most experienced baristas in the creation of creamy coffee with a perfectly balanced flavour. The Roasting module teaches the art of roasting that gives unique flavours to the blends, while the Brewing module focuses on international preparation methods. The Vergnano Academy will also teach you how to make a perfect cappuccino and decorate it with beautiful designs that will make your customers’ eyes light up and begin to spread word-of-mouth across the city. [shortcode-banner-accademia-en]