The italian Espresso on the road: mobility as a new frontier for cafes

With the MOBILITY project Caffè Vergnano inaugurates a new concept of cafeteria, bringing for the first time the possibility of preparing the real Italian espresso directly “on the road”.
The idea, based on company’s consolidated know-how, recalls the style of the over 150 Caffè Vergnano branded coffee shops opened all over the world. It reinterprets the well-known concept of quality “street food” in a totally original key, applied it to the bar world.

The iconic Apecar with a “caffeteria” above, the most famous Italian three-wheeled vehicle, has been used by the company in the lockdown phase, elevated as a symbol of restart. The Apecar has brought, with the delivery service , a strong signal of comfort and normality in the houses of people forced to stay home.
Emblem of sociality, the “coffee time” is now different from before: thanks to the original mobile versions of a bar customers can take advantage of a fast, open-air and safe consumption, in perfect line with the need to maintain social distancing.


Characterized by its strong identity and personality, the project is divided into four main categories, offering solutions that can adapt to different business needs.

From the bike to the Apecar (in the raised, ground or electric versions), from the trolley to the pickup truck, the cafeteria becomes dynamic and flexible, allowing fast movement over many different areas in the open air.
The various solutions have been designed with the aim of responding to different budget and size requirements, but they all guarantee excellence in design and preparation with the sole purpose of offering the same quality as an espresso at the bar. Each vehicle is equipped with an espresso machine and grinder, which can use either the electrical and water systems or operate autonomously using tanks and generators.

The “street coffee” is a 360-degree project whose maximum aspiration is offering a more sustainable way of doing business thanks to the electric version available for each vehicle. Moreover, it gives the possibility to entrepreneurs to complete their service offer, or to become an unique opportunity for those who want to start a new business without incurring in prohibitive costs.


The mobile cafeteria project is enriched with a range of vintage vehicles that, for the occasion, are set up with the bar equipment, expanding its functionality and thus giving them a new life, with a view to the perfect circular economy.
A new approach, the perfect combination between tradition and rediscovery, is the base of the project declination in its “old style” version. The choice of vehicles is diverse and is divided between the Vespa, Ape, 500 and Bulli proposals and the company’s ability to convert customers’ owned vehicles.
A reference to the authentic, healthy way of living. Combined to the pleasure of experiencing evocative vehicles of the past with the possibility of creating new experiences related to coffee consumption.

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