The delivery of the roasting machine is the perfect end to the Dominican Republic Women in Coffee project

The first chapter of the Women in Coffee project, born in 2019 to support women working in the coffee plantations of the Barahona region in Dominican Republic, ended with the delivery of the roasting machine. A sustainable dream, as Carolina Vergnano defined it, to help a community of 20 women coffee producers in Dominican Republic.

Caffè Vergnano is committed to financially support the creation of a roasting, grinding and packaging laboratory of the coffee grown in the plantations of the Hondo Valley, managed by the women of the ADOMUCA association. For the project, selected with the support of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (an international association whose mission is to support women working in the coffee supply chain all over the world), a special all-female collection, moka pot, cup and pink coffee tin, with new products being added throughout the year. The purchase of the Pink Collection supports Women in Coffee: a part of the proceeds from 2019 sales was, in fact, donated to the project.

The coffee roasting machine delivery, which took place at the end of December, will allow the women to start a small coffee roasting station. In 2020 a new dream has begun. This time in Honduras where we will support the construction of a library for the inhabitants of Cual Bicicleta, in Marcala. A new concrete project to support, a new chapter of a coffee story.

To find out more, visit the dedciated section of the website!

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