The American Coffee

It’s the world’s most consumed coffee. Here is how to make it at home like it’s supposed to

Often espresso drinkers tend to misjudge American coffee, also known as drip or filter coffee, especially when they try in hotels or fast-food chains, nicknaming it dirty water. Such a pity however, because it is the same reaction that a American coffee drinker would have if he/she tasted an espresso from an automatic machine…his/her love for the espresso would be compromised. There are different kinds of hotels, of course, however on average, among these big quantities, the quality of American coffee is lost a bit, and people end up drinking coffee not prepared the proper way. Caffè Vergnano’s master trainer and academy’s manager Damian Burgess has brought together the most important points to have the authentic filter coffee:

1 – pick the right blend Each coffee preparation requires its right grinding, and for drip coffee, a bigger one is required, therefore you can grind it at your own home, or buy it pre-ground. A bigger grinding is needed to allow water to flow slowly for a more complete extraction. If the coffee is ground too fine, one risks to burn the coffee and get a worse taste. The choice between Arabica or Robusta is instead a personal choice

2 – get the right machine Filter coffee works in a very simple way. One places a filter on top of a cup, pours the right amount of coffee and hot water, and the coffee drips below creating the coffee drink. Electrical machine warm up the water and maintain the right temperature in the jug, which however within a few minutes becomes more acidic and changes its flavor. The best method, and also the most popular among the trendy cafès, is the manual way. The V60 is the most popular one, which prepares only one cup, the proper way.

3 – temperature and water Water has to be tired at 92-96 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to 197 – 205 Fahrenheit, just below boiling temperature, and creates a drink which is around 70° Celsius or 158° Fahrenheit. It is better not to use tap water, because the chlorine makes the coffee more bitter.

These are the main basic rules, however in certain specialized cafes, the procedure is very cured and research is done to create new procedures. The bypass, for example, consists in the blending of clear water within the coffee to balance the extraction along with the use of specific filters.
In order to destroy the misconception of “just dirty water” for American style coffee, it’s been demonstrated that one needs much more experience than many other coffee extraction techniques.
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