Successful Restyling: How to Renovate the Decor of your Café Quickly and Inexpensively

A café is like a second home: each customer, entering his or her favourite café, expects to find a cosy, friendly environment. Sometimes though, regular customers need to be surprised: why don’t you leave them open-mouthed with a fast cheap and chic restyling?

Walls talk and reflect the soul of your café

Often those who want to renew the image of a café give up because they are afraid of spending too much or having to close the café for an extended period of time. A renovation, however, can be carried out on a limited budget, within a week. If you need a makeover in record time, an excellent strategy is to change wall colours: light shades make the room look larger, bright colours liven them up and murals make them unique and recognisable.

The counter always wins

If in traditional cafés it’s used to have a quick coffee, in cocktail bars it becomes a table where you can enjoy a drink alone or in good company: the counter is the absolute protagonist of the premises and, if on the one hand it should be designed in such a way as to make the most of the room, on the other, it can easily alter its style. All you need is to change its colour with a laminate coating to transform the personality of the room. The same result can be obtained even with simple paint: in this case, the ideal finish is satin: elegant as the gloss paint but much more forgiving of imperfections. The shades instead are infinite: if neutral shades are the most popular ones, it is also true that to stand out there is nothing better than a vibrant nuance.

Lighting: the ace up the sleeve of well-lit baristas

Lighting is essential for the image of any café and working on it, by directing LEDs and spotlights or selecting a more or less soft effect, will enable you to recreate the right atmosphere. Sometimes, the latter can be improved even at zero cost, simply by rationalising the layout of the furniture or removing the curtains. You could also add new lamps or candles at a low price to instantly add new light to your café.

Give new life to the furnishings

If renewing the tables and chairs may seem like an expensive investment, in fact, to keep costs down, all you need is to repaint the surfaces with a spray can, or “modernise" them with textiles such as tablecloths or cushions. To revolutionise the premises, you can "dress up" the walls with frames, blackboards or prints of good taste, just like your coffee. Now that you know how to transform the decor of a café inexpensively, why don’t you let yourself be inspired by successful design? Our cafés are famous all over the world for having a story to tell.  Are you ready to tell yours?