Looking for a Name: How to Choose the Right Name for your Café

Here we are: the furniture has been assembled, you nearly have all the equipment behind the counter, the walls have been freshly painted… what did you say? Haven’t you picked a name yet? A café is the typical gathering place that you call by its name as if you were referring to a friend or family member, and for this reason, choosing a name is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Try not to wait until the last second or you might end up choosing an unimaginative name. If you are running short of creative ideas, draw inspiration from these suggestions!

Mario’s Café: as historic as its manager

Let’s start with a great classic that never goes out of fashion. Baptising your café with the manager’s name may sound self-referential and not very original, but the “post-it” effect is assured. Indeed, customers won’t have a hard time memorising it, and will associate the sign of the café to the face of the owner awaiting them behind the counter.

Hawaii Café: only if you are next to a pool

Associating an exotic image to the café is a recurring temptation. Who after all wouldn’t like to make a stop in a “Little Paradise” or recharge their batteries in a “Green Oasis”? But watch out for the pitfalls of grotesque… it’s easy to see people sniggering when you promise a lush place in an entirely paved neighbourhood of high-rise buildings. Honesty often pays off!

High School Café: the spot around the corner

Who has never bought some pizza at the café near high school or had an aperitif at the café in front of the post office? If your café is just a few steps from a gathering place such as a school, a cinema or a theatre, it’s a done deal! Take advantage of the proximity of the building, a crossroads of people and ride on its popularity, by literally giving your café the name of the local landmark. This will also help you to target the people who frequent the institution or public place.

Coffee and TV: the quotationist café

Let’s increase the level of difficulty with references to the lyrics of pop songs, films, sayings and proverbs. This naming technique is strong and effective, but also a double-edged sword, because you risk excluding an entire part of customers from understanding its meaning, and, at the same time, stimulating the imagination of the elite of those who get the intrinsic reference of the name or the subtle play of words. Do you already know roughly the clientele of your café? In this case, you can easily hit the nail on the head and stimulate the mental horizon of your customers with a name that is far from obvious. Have you solved the conundrum, after consulting this short guide to choosing the name of your café? Now, you can take care of practical matters, starting with the top-quality espresso you will serve every day! Your deluxe supply is available on Caffè Vergnano’s online shop dedicated to the café selection: check it out now!

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