Jamaica Blue Mountain

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The Jamaica Blue Mountain is considered one of the world’s most prestigious origins

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It is cultivated at very high altitudes in very fertile lands. Its intense, sweet, aromatic yet delicate flavors, are dedicated to exigent palates and it’s derived from precise cultivation characteristics.  
We love coffee and, for some of us, coffee means passion. Coffee wakes us up in the morning, it keeps us company throughout the day like an old friend. After having ordered it at our favorite coffee shop, or after having prepared it at home, we taste its incredible flavor and we enjoy its indistinguishable aroma. Not always, however, we ask ourselves where it comes from. Besides, when we meet the aromatic notes of the Jamaica Blue Mountain and its unmatchable characteristics. That’s when we try to understand how this fine Caribbean origin has gained so much prestige.
The location, its altitude, and the land characteristics of where this coffee is cultivated are fundamental for its success. Jamaica, which for many people’s imagination is made of crystal clear water, infinite beaches, and tropical forests, is also home to very important agriculture areas at high altitudes where coffee is produced.
The mountain range Blue Mountains is the most extended in the country and it’s also the most antique, it is in fact believed it could be more that 100 million years-old. These mountains are full of very rare exotic plants, and its name is derived from a blue flog which lays on this land.
Within the 1000 and 2000 meters of altitude, the world known Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is cultivated, which at lower altitudes is known as “Jamaica Low”. Hence, altitude plays a vital role for this gourmet product, however its exposure to sun and quality of the terrain are just as important. The climate of these uncontaminated lands has a high percentage of rain as well as a almost constant fog which protects the coffee plantations from the intese sun. Altitude, tropical climate, fog, all contribute to the slow growth of this coffee origin, which is sometimes up to 10 months, almost double the growth of a normal origin. The climate conditions allow for the coffee drupes and the two beans to grow with very unique and concentrated organoleptic characteristics.
What else influences the excelsior quality of this product? 3 fundamental factos:
  • The nutrients of the lava lands
  • The harvest made by hand
  • The conservation of the product in wooden barrels
The fresh weather, the fog, and the abundant rain alone, in fact, are not enough to explain the exclusivity given by the Jamaica Blue Mountain. The lava lands are rich of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which are all nutrients that characterize these lands and differentiate this origins from other plants of Coffea Arabica.