Italians at the bar, our own ritual

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Exported and taken as an example all over the world, hospitality has always characterized Italian people. The bar, with all its specific features, has become one of the symbolic places of our country together with the assiduity as it frequented , from breakfast to aperitif, becoming part of our daily life.

Places of great success, as evidenced by the increasingly widespread phenomenon of Italian sounding which affects not only our agri-food products but also historic restaurants and bars, our cafes are replicated abroad and sold as authentic Italians to attract tourists and customers.

What’s behind the success of Italian cafés?

Basically, for one main reason: the Italians have been able once again to create a peculiar experience, characterizing it with peculiarities that foreigners somehow envy and some do not fully understand.

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Italians like to spend time outside their homes and do it in the most open and characteristic places as possible. Breakfast at the bar before going to work is certainly one of the favorite “cuddle” that we allow ourselves: coffee, in all its variants with milk - from macchiato to cappuccino - with croissant is the most popular way to start the day and represents a true ritual. The Italian bar knows how to welcome everyone, from those who want to read the newspaper in the early morning while sipping an espresso to those who look for energy and chat with a more substantial breakfast, which also includes pastry products.


The consumption of coffee standing at the bar counter is perhaps one of the habits that foreigners do not fully understand, as it is practically impossible to find this custom outside of Italy. A few minutes useful to break the working day: a break at the bar accompanied by a good espresso is essential to acquire the right energy. The bar counter represents a thin border that allows those who want solitude and personal reflection, but at the same time it is, on the opposite, a place where customers can socialize, with the bartender or with other customers. Short, long, with milk, the knowledge of customer's favorite variant allows the barista to establish a relationship him/her and the barista ability to make the moment of consumption personal and familiar will guarantee loyalty and affection.


it’s common knowledge that in Italy you eat the best dishes and drink the greatest wines, but in order to conclude your meals keeping the level up you need undoubtedly a good espresso. Cappuccino and latte macchiato are the prerogatives of breakfast, while abroad they are ordered at any time of the day, including at the end of the meal, but often strange combinations are also risky, with salty foods for example.


The Italian bar is first and foremost a place for recreation and entertainment. Most of the time it provides the right company.

At the bar, the relationship is almost inevitable and sociability can take place between complete strangers, colleagues or friends. "Shall we go for a coffee together?"  is much more than an invitation to have a drink, it is a request for time to share moments, thoughts, ideas and reflections. In front of a cup of coffee, confrontation is favored and, exactly as it happens with food, the act of consumption becomes a real social ritual in which relationships can be consolidated and barriers are broken down.


The customer's choice of a bar is never accidental. Italians have a place in their heart, where they usually go, a family environment or in any case capable of giving back a specific consumption experience. The barista has the ability to create the right atmosphere, capable of striking the senses, of being memorable and therefore a place where people want to go back. Of course, for us Italians it is easier: the “welcoming” attitude is part of our DNA, so making someone feel welcome and creating the best atmosphere for a client is one of the attitudes of our baristas.