Hot milk and hazelnut bundt cake with coffee icing

Are you dreaming of a delicious cappuccino shaped as a cake to brighten up the best moments of this period? Here it is! A delicious dessert for the holidays, to be served at any time of day!

3 eggs
150 g sugar
165 g flour
8 grams of baking powder
120 ml milk
60 g butter
 ½ vanilla bean (or vanilla essence)
100 g chopped hazelnuts
200g powdered sugar
1 cup of espresso

Whip the eggs with the sugar until you get a frothy mixture -melt the butter with the milk and add it to the eggs and sugar mixture, also add the seeds of the vanilla bean, the flour and the sifted yeast, mix it well from above to downwards until the flour with the yeast is incorporated. Add the chopped hazelnuts at the end and mix it together – put in a greased and floured bundt cake mold – while you cook the cake at 180 ° for 45 minutes, prepare the glaze – in a bowl add all the icing sugar and slowly add the coffee until you get a thick and velvety glaze – let it rest until the cake is ready – when the cake is ready wait until it is cold before glazing!

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