Coffee Which Makes You Thinner

By now it seems established: caffeine makes you skinnier therefore the coffee ritual can become a pleasant and useful way for the ones who want to lose weight.

If it is true that it is important not to abuse it, it is just as important to underline its benefits.

It is important not to abuse it: if one consumes too much coffee, it’s possible to lose sleep, over-excite the nervous system, and harm the gastric mucosa. At the right dose, instead, which means a maximum of three to four cups per day, it helps to increase concentration, it stimulates reflexes and it burns fats. What is responsible for this “magic” is the caffeine, which accelerates metabolism up to 25%: more specifically it pushes the body to release catecholamines ( neurotransmitters ) and acts on the adipose tissue. Therefore, coffee becomes a optimal help to find body health, especially when it’s associated to a good diet and a decent physical activity. Nevertheless, it is important to discuss this with a doctor first.

Caffeine is utilized also on cosmetic lines which help to lose weight, under the form of microcapsules which contains the active principle. There are available also many lotions which act specifically against cellulite because with the help of caffeine the blood flow is increased and the water retention is decreased, therefore lowering the amount of fluid in the cells. Circulation flow’s stimulation also has a slimming function. Other than the effects on the tissues, it helps to fight waste that lurk in the skin due to its high exfoliating capacity.

However the effectiveness of coffee as fat-burner goes even beyond: in fact it appears that a good cup of coffee accompanied by a small piece of butter, placed in the cup instead of sugar, helps to get thinner. This mix of caffeine and proteins has a name: it’s called “bulletproof coffee” and, consumed at breakfast, it helps to resist the temptation of snacks throughout the morning and arrive to lunch time without an excessive appetite.

Hence coffee helps to maintain an excellent fitness: the dances that change color from brown to reddish, that intense aroma and that incredible flavor have a determinant role in everyone’s life. Therefore, the infamous caffeine, contained in coffee and many other beverages like tea or sodas, is a great fat-burner and it should not be demonized for its negative effects. Studies and experience have shown that, if taken in moderation and perhaps with the help of a specialist, it can be very helpful and almost not harmful at all. It all comes down to avoid exaggerations, which in almost every circumstance are never good.

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