Christmas atmosphere in your bar: a simple guide

natale bar
natale bar

At the bar, as in your house, Christmas is the time for joyful atmospheres and conviviality. which better opportunity to welcome the customers and invite them to stay than by creating a warm and festive atmosphere in your own restaurant?

Here are some of our tips, but remember to keep the decorations simple, focusing on originality and, above all, don’t distort your identity and remain consistent with your image. The shop window: the business card for your clients, breathing the Christmas atmosphere means walking through the festively illuminated streets surrounded by decorations and festoons, wandering around the markets looking for gift ideas, entering a restaurant, bar or shop and admiring the decorations and embellishments. For a restaurant, the glance is essential and stimulate potential customers to enter. Therefore, the window, which captures the eye and attention of those who pass by, must already be set up and decorated with the utmost care. First of all it must not be too full and chaotic. If you lack imagination, let yourself be inspired by the settings you can find on the internet. Do not forget, in any case, to display products on sale in your restaurant or to think about Christmas gift offers: for example, offer your customers free coffee cards, which they can keep for themselves or give to some friend or relative. On the windows, the glass stickers are particularly striking: the designs of snow crystals, trees and garlands will further contribute to making your restaurant shine (and, at the end of the period, they are easily removable). Before buying decorations and decorations, look at the material you have available with new eyes: stools, tables, candy displays, coffee cans can surprisingly become the protagonists of your showcase. With caps, if you are particularly skilled, you can create original garlands at no cost. Recycling, especially in a difficult Christmas like this, will be the watchword.

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A special care to the venue and the service

Let's now get inside your restaurant. Choose a few objects and not too many colors to focus on to create a welcoming atmosphere, capable of reflecting your identity and customer expectations. The elements to focus on are, in addition to the windows, the entrance door, counter and tables. Surely a small Christmas candle with a delicate aromatic scent on each table will help create a warm and suggestive atmosphere. Personalize the service by accompanying, for example, each espresso with chocolates from wrapping or Christmas shapes, or by thinking of a small gadget to pay homage to the most loyal customers. Do not forget that one of the needs of the period is to warm up while shopping: do not get caught unprepared and equip the place with take away glasses and cups and trays for take away. For the little ones do not forget to set up, even if small, a tree under which you can place gift packages with the products of your bar. Again for them, an original idea is to set up, in a corner of the room but in good view, a mailbox for collecting letters. In conclusion, the elements are all there ... and may Christmas be with you!