Christmas: 5 Ideas for a Coffee Break that Smells Like Snow

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The loveliest time of the year is just around the corner and you don't know how to create a Christmas atmosphere that makes your customers think of sweet snowy landscapes? If you put these five simple ideas into practice, none of your customers will be able to walk out of your coffee shop without first breathing the scent of snow in the air.

DIY Decor

There is nothing better than snow decorations to create an authentic Christmas atmosphere. This year, to stand out from the other cafés in your area you could opt for hand-made decorations, which require a low budget and will certainly make a lasting impression. You could hang up on the ceiling some snowflakes made from old white clothespins or display a snowman made of cups outside the café.

Advent Calendar

Offering discounts and gifts to the regular customers of your coffee shop is a good way to build customer loyalty: why don’t you give them a Christmas loyalty card inspired by the advent calendar? Simply distribute the cards with 24 blank spaces and reward customers with a small daily gift recalling snow.

Christmas Products

There are many cafés adorned with plenty of Christmas decorations, but they offer the same products all year round. You can remedy this inconsistency, by displaying bakery products inspired by snow, such as biscuits in the shape of a snowman or marzipan houses covered in snow. If you have a showcase, fill it with typical Christmas desserts like pandoro, panettone and nougats on soft wadding.


Selecting the right music for your coffee shop during the holidays is a simple thing that may prove to be of great effect. It’s important to prepare a good selection of songs for your customers to listen to. The last thing you want is to have cheesy or banal music in your coffee shop! You could pick some great Christmas classics about snow like "White Christmas" and "Let it snow", but don’t play them too often and focus more on soft music, better if only instrumental. [shortcode-banner-didattica-en]

Latte Art

Latte art, now a big trend all over the world, creates cappuccinos that are almost too beautiful to be drunk. Decorating a cappuccino with a Christmas theme is definitely an effective way to make breakfast special during the holidays, although it certainly isn’t the simplest way. To help those baristas who still haven’t mastered the technique, the Vergnano Academy now offers a latte art course, focusing on the techniques to make even the most difficult decorations, such as snowflakes.