alternative coffee

5 alternatives to your usual coffee


We never get tired of coffee. For enthusiasts, its simple pleasure is synonymous of an indispensable coffee break. If you are in the mood for a coffee time treat, try these 5 recipes. Are you a coffee lover who wishes to have a truly memorable coffee break treat? If so, coffee is ideal to beRead more

perfect turkish coffee

The rules for a perfect Turkish Coffee

Coffee lovers

Originating in Turkey, today it’s widely popular throughout the Middle East, most of Northern Africa and Eastern Europe. Here are the rules to make a perfect Turkish coffee. How to make it According to the traditional Turkish recipe you need just a few simple ingredients: Extra fine grind size coffee, similar to powdered sugar WaterRead more

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Original ideas to turn up your coffee shop

Barista's corner

Are all coffee shops the same? Not always. A place of passage or a gathering point – what really makes the difference and makes it stand out from the rest is what it offers, the original ideas that can be implemented to win customers and build their loyalty.

best way to preserve cold coffee

The best way to preserve cold coffee

Coffee lovers

A great cup of cold coffee is an incomparable pleasure, especially during the summer season. But what’s the best way to preserve it? Here are some tips to preserve the aroma of your favourite beverage, even at low temperatures. Espresso, Lungo, Corto, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Macchiatone, Corretto… coffee lovers can choose from a thousand fanciful variations.Read more

gelato recipe for homemade coffee

Waiting for Summer… and Gelato! Caffè Vergnano’s Recipe


With summer just around the corner, the first sweet treat you think of is gelato. There’s an endless number of flavours in constant evolution but there is one that never disappoints: coffee gelato! Delicious and refreshing, gelato is the undisputed king of summer. How many times have you paused in awe staring at the ice-creamRead more