All You Need to Know to Set Up a Successful Coffee Shop

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bar con successo 1000x480 1
Who said that coffee shops are only commercial business that sell coffee and all sorts of beverages? The truth is that it is a gathering place full of potential where people go to have conversations and relax.

How to set up a coffee shop and live happily

Even in times of crisis, businesses like coffee shops and pubs are never empty. On the contrary, like the star of a solar system attracts planets and satellites to its orbit, the coffee shop with its airy window display and significant sign attracts those who wish to enjoy a pleasant break. However, not all coffee shops live a long life: they often close down due to lack of customers.

Chapter I: Furniture

Furniture is part of the game. Tidiness and cleanliness refine its look. A locale where tables and chairs are arranged in such a way as not to hamper the passage of waiters and customers has already taken a step forward. Shelves displaying all types of bottles, clearly visible behind the counter, are immediately judged by walk-in customers: if liqueurs, digestives and similar drinks are neatly aligned like obedient little soldiers with the label towards the spectator, the first impression will be positive.

Chapter II: Furnishings

Textiles such as curtains and tablecloths, ornaments, prints and paintings on the walls and, above all, lighting deserve particular attention: why not choose slightly different colour palettes and patterns from the usual checks or shades, such as reddish purple and the whole range of browns?

Chapter III: Alternative Areas

Here are some ideas to customise the locale:
  • areas with magazines and books for adults and children
  • low background music
  • an upright piano for all those who love playing
  • a chess or draughts area
Listening to music is relaxing and relieves the burden of everyday commitments; the play area with board games is very British and apparently it is very appreciated by those who spend part of their time away from home. And karaoke? Preferably in the evening, if the place is open from sunset onwards. The piano is instead more discreet and will not interfere with your customers’ conversations.

Chapter IV: Let’s get to the point

It is a real pleasure when you open the door of the coffee shop and the air is filled with the fragrance of coffee and freshly baked croissants. There is nothing worse than an odourless coffee shop or one that offers desserts or sandwiches that are rather ordinary and not very fresh. The leftovers from the day shouldn’t be served the following day but can be sold at a discounted price in the evening or given to organisations which take care of people in need. It is a kind gesture that will be appreciated and rewarded by new customers who admire the shop managers’ generosity. [shortcode-banner-accademia-en]

To conclude

Products of the finest quality, polite and discreet greeting, furniture and furnishings studied to make the place both functional and welcoming, without over-doing it, are the standard required if you wish to reach a wide share of the market.