5 Original Ideas to Set Up your Coffee Shop Window Display

Coffee shop windows are an important calling card for your business. They are a preview of what customers can find inside, the essence of what they could miss out on if they don’t walk in and have something to eat or drink. For this reason, your window display requires your utmost attention.

Distinguishing Marks: Simply Beautiful

Your coffee shop window should be beautiful. Beautiful in the objective sense of the word. Because, even in this case, beauty can be objective and some aspects are universally acknowledged as being beautiful, no matter what your personal tastes or aesthetic preferences are. And this doesn’t depend on the brand, style, materials or technical features of your business. So, what are the 5 original ideas to set up your coffee shop window display? They are ideas that go way beyond detail, concepts that will be found in each area of your café, in your staff’s movements, in the atmosphere you breathe the moment you wish someone “Good morning!”. These ideas include layout, tidiness, cleanliness, quantity, quality and variety. They don’t necessarily have to be in this order since they are all equally important and one does not exclude the other.

The Ingredients to Great Success

The ABCs of setting up your shop window lie in your DNA and experience will have increased your knowledge, perhaps through training courses or the generous advice of family and friends. The display area should be clean and tidy to the nth degree. This is something that can’t be considered as a minor detail. Your job and reputation are at stake here. At the same time, it should be abundant in quantity and variety – never leave empty spaces.

  • A personalised description of the product. “Verba volant, scripta manent”. An original product info card in all its features – material, handwriting and holder. The information and name of the product should also reflect who you are.
  • Fruit compositions. Mother nature provides us with a great quantity of fresh fruit all through the year. Display it with taste and style to offer inviting snacks at any time of the day. There are infinite combinations.
  • Recall the times of year. Depending on the period of the year, you can draw inspiration from the calendar to create special breakfasts, snacks or tastings. The various festivities and other celebrations will give you plenty of ideas from which to choose.
  • Natural local products. Everyone likes them, especially you. You should display them in a special corner, revealing your dedication to ecological sustainability. Simple floral decorations will add great value and refinement.
  • The house specialities. Select and display your house specialities and periodically interchange them in the shop window. To capture the attention of passers-by, choose a vintage name that is more evocative than usual names and your coffee shop will be also remembered for its traditional recipes.



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