La playlist del coffeelover

La playlist del coffeelover

10 canzoni per veri addicted, da Frank Sinatra a Bob Marley, da Ella Fitzgerald ad Alex Britti. Per chi il caffè lo sente scorrere nelle vene, e nello stereo.

The coffee song  – Frank Sinatra (1946)

Dunkin’ doesn’t take a lot of skill, They’ve got an awful lot of coffee, An awful lot of coffee, Man they got a gang of coffee in Brazil!!

One more cup of coffee – Bob Dylan (1975)

One more cup of coffee for the road, One more cup of coffee before I go, To the valley below…

Cigarettes and Coffee – Otis Redding (1966)
But it seemed so natural, darling, That you and I are here, Just talking over cigarettes, And drinking coffee…

7000 caffè – Alex Britti (2003)
7000 caffè, li ho già presi perché, sono stanco di stare al volante, e vorrei arrivare entro sera da te…

Black Coffee – Ella Fitzgerald (1948)
Black coffee, Love’s a hand me down brew, I’ll never know a Sunday, In this weekday room…

One more Cup of Coffee – Bob Marley (1962)
One cup of coffee, then I’ll go,Though I just dropped by to let you know, That I’m leaving you tomorrow, I’ll cause you no more sorrow, One cup of coffee, then I’ll go….

Caffeine (Welcome 2 my Nightmare soundtrack) – Alice Cooper (2011)
Caffeine! Caffeine! Amphetamine, A little speed is all I need, Caffeine! Caffeine!

Coffee Homeground Lyrics – Kate Bush (1978)
Well, you won’t get me with your Belladonna–in the coffee, And you won’t get me with your arsenic–in the pot of tea,And you won’t put me in a six-foot plot–with your hemlock on the rocks…

E sulle caffetterie…

Tom’s Diner – Susanne Vega (1981)
I am sitting In the morning At the diner On the corner, I am waiting At the counter For the man To pour the coffee…

The Sad Coffe – The Eagles (1979)
Out of the silver light, The past came softly calling, And I remember the times we spent, inside the Sad Cafe…

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